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The Eravos Story...

Hi there! I'm Ash Gupta, Founder and President of Eravos Jewelers.
I founded Eravos as an online jewelry store back in 2017, but in the age of overwhelming marketing noise on Instagram, where photoshop is used to make even J color diamonds look a flawless D, how was I ever gonna convince anyone that I *actually* sold only top quality diamonds, and at rates that couldn't be beat. And so, I decided to transition to brick and mortar, and set up my first store in Tysons Corner Center!

This was well over 4 years now, and I'm having a great time for the most part! COVID was of course quite hard on the business, but I'm grateful for all the support my friends and the government gave me to survive those tough 6 months or so.

Today I spent 0$ on marketing, 0$ on influencers, 0$ on SEO, and have minimal overheads. Plus there's the fact that I have my own manufacturing unit back in Surat, India. (And that's a huge plus since it helps bring down the cost of goods greatly!)

All this combined means that I can pass on the savings to my customers, and provide gorgeous diamond jewelry at prices that are often unbelievable, and always unbeatable!

So come visit Eravos today...
I guarantee you'll leave with a smile on your face and a bag full of gorgeous jewelry!