What makes Eravos stand out

Jewelry stores can be intimidating. Even if you are just browsing and aren’t really thinking about purchasing anything in particular. You go in and you know everything in there has a giant price tag. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Eravos is known for its exquisitely crafted fine diamond jewelry, but did you know that every piece at Eravos is unique. All of our products are exclusively designed by and for Eravos.

Our diamonds are all round shaped diamonds that are fitted through the top technology of micro setting to create different diamond shapes and settings. This process helps enhance the design and shape of the rings giving the best accuracy and results.
You may be thinking to yourself well what’s the point? Why wouldn’t we just use diamonds of different shapes. Why would we create our own shapes with round diamonds. These questions as rational as they may be all lead to one answer.

At Eravos we believe that you can shine bright and sparkle without having to put a strain on your mind or wallet. Everyone deserves to look good!

For that reason we use smaller round shaped diamonds to create your expensive diamond ring look. Our rings compete with brand names like Tiffany, Kay, and Jared’s. What sets us apart from out competitors is that we don’t play any gimmicks. What you see is what you get. Our products are all of SI quality with G or H color all across, with products in white, yellow, and rose gold. Eravos doesn’t make you jump through hoops to build the right ring for you. We have a selection of rings all ready to wear. The only thing missing is your finger.

We have created a comparison between our products and other more expensive items. Can you tell which one is the one made up of small diamonds and the one that is one big diamond?

First, we have our heart shaped ring Eros(left). We are comparing it to a competitors heart shaped ring. Our Eros ring is in a 14K white gold color with a gold weight of 2.5g pricing at $1,925.00 while the ring on the right costs $4,928.

Our next diamond ring shape is round, just like all of our diamonds. One of our top round diamond rings is Heaven’s Key(left). This ring has 0.95 carats in diamonds, a gold weight of 3.0g, and a price tag of $1,765. As opposed to its counter ring  on the right, that has a total carrot weight of 0.45 with a price of $3,917

Eravos’s next item is our oval Dreamland ring(left), which is a 14K white gold diamond ring with a gold weight of 3.9g and a price of $2,375 compared to its competitor priced at $4,410.

This next item is a Pear shaped ring that is one of our latest designs(left). This ring has a gold weight of 2.4g and a total of 0.45 carats with a price of $2,305, as opposed to its competitor whose ring sells for $5,757.

This Marquise diamond ring(left) is gorgeously shaped to perfection with a gold weight of 5.68, diamond carat of 1.15, with a mere price tag of  $905, as opposed to its contender from another competitor that is priced at $5,432


Following we have our emerald ring Estrella, It has a gold weight 5.0g, 1.42 diamond carats, and a $2,685 price tag as opposed to our competitor who prices their ring at $7,090.

Our Asscher ring Wisdom(left) has the gold weight of 2.8g and diamond carats of approximately  0.57 with a price of $1,175.00 in comparison to one of our competitors that prices a ring that looks the same at $4,961.

Finally, we have our beautiful cushion cut Empire ring has the gold weight of 5.8g and diamond carat of 1.9 with a price tag of $3,455.00 as opposed to one of competitors that prices one of their cushion rings at $8,133.

All in all here at Eravos we believe that everyone deserves to shine bright! Which is why we provide different diamond shapes for every hand without putting a dent into your savings account. You can view more of our rings or explore our other items here.

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