All You Need to Know About Tennis Bracelets

What are Tennis Bracelets

Like any other piece of jewelry tennis bracelets are all the hype and have been ever since they came into existence when we started calling them “tennis bracelets”.

Tennis bracelets are bracelets that have a string of small diamonds around a metal joined together. They story of how they came to be called tennis bracelets is somewhat humorous.

How the Tennis Bracelet Came to Be:

A famous tennis player was playing a match in 1987 on national tv when she stopped the match to look for her diamond bracelet while the nation and audience watched as they searched. From that day forward people refer to line diamond bracelets as tennis bracelets.

They are known for their simple yet elegant classic look. Tennis bracelets look great with literally anything! They can be worn casually and formally. Both with equal aww value to them.

What to Look out For!

To make sure you have the best quality diamond bracelet you have to consider what metal is used for  your bracelet. The different metals that may be used when creating a tennis bracelet are mostly limited to gold, silver, and platinum. Which ever you choose is solely based on your personal preference. There isn’t a great difference in material except with durability. Considering all the metal options that are available is important, however it is also significant to note that 14 or 18K Gold is the strongest lasting for daily wear and tear.

The tricky matter when considering purchasing a tennis bracelet is the diamond quality. Most tennis bracelets that are around consist of a line of round diamonds. However, you many find one with multiple rows of diamonds, as well as different shape diamonds.

Diamonds in a tennis bracelet do not usually have a certificate of authentication to each specific diamonds. Since, acquiring a certificate for each diamond separately would be very expensive. The certificate alone could cost thousands of dollars. For that reason, you must inspect the diamonds carefully. What you are paying for when you purchase a tennis bracelet is style and effort, which is why buying your tennis bracelet should be from a place that is trustworthy and reputable.

Tennis bracelets make for great presents for different occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, push presents, or just to simply say I love you!

Who We Recommend:

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