Designer Engagement Ring Settings

Being in love is one of the happiest times of your life. Everything feels great. Your life is amazing nothing can beat the way you feel when you look into your significant others eyes.

Choosing a ring that both you and your spouse will wear devotedly  for the rest of your lives can be hard. Having so many options can be burdensome. There are no guidelines when shopping for the perfect ring. With so many different cuts and shapes it can be overwhelming.

At Eravos, a fine diamond jewelry retailer, we offer a variety of different designs that appeal to all ages and tastes. Our unique one of a kind diamond jewelry is chic, stylish, and classy making it perfect for anyone.

Each ring we design reflects the dedication and efforts of our craftsmen diamond cutters who have poured a piece of their heart and soul into each sparkling stone. With precision and artistry, we stand behind our work so much that ever ring is guaranteed lifetime warranty for life.

Our diamonds are so modern yet classy that they go with any style you are wearing. Weather it’s a nice day at the park or an over the top event we have all types of pieces.

Our bridal rings, engagement rings, and fashion rings are made of 14K white, yellow, and rose gold. All the diamonds that Eravos uses are round and baguette shaped.

You may be wondering why we only specifically use these two shapes. Eravos employs a technique using precision lasers that enables us to create the same look of different diamonds like marquise, pear, heart and so many more. With our round and baguette diamonds we create the effect of a cushion or square cut.

All our rings showcase how talented our diamond cutters genuinely are. When comparing an Eravos ring to any other jeweler’s original diamond cut you can barely tell the difference. With this method you are able to enjoy the look of a 5 carat diamond, while paying for a 2 diamond carat ring instead.

This article is dedicated to showcasing Eravos’s different engagement ring settings, as well as the diamond cuts that go well with each setting.


This is a 14k white gold double halo setting with a split shank. Different kinds of diamond cuts that go well with thing ring are square, circle, and cushion diamond cuts. This is a beautiful choice for someone that wants to have a big ring, but doesn’t want to pay for a big rock. The halo setting gives the illusion of a bigger diamond making it look larger than it actually is.


A 14k white gold wide ring with a pave’ split shank and diamond sequence in between. Devotion is a magnificent work of art. It is simple and elegant with the diamonds placed with a technique called tension set.



14k White gold halo setting with a split shank. This ring like its sibling Devotion has a halo setting, giving the diamond a larger effect. What distinguishes this ring from others is the diamond detail that has gone into it. So many little diamonds creating a great big one diamond look.


A 14k white gold halo double pave vintage ring. This ring showcases the diamond beautifully putting it on a pedestal for all to see. With this type of ring the perfect diamond would be a round or oval diamond.

Musical Note

This is an amazing distinct piece of artwork. The shape of this ring is exquisite. It is a 14K white gold pave setting diamond ring. This is an elegant ring that looks great on most hands.

Partners for Life

14k white gold channel setting ring. This ring can have a round, square, or oval shaped diamond on top of it. This is a more simple choice for those who like classical rings. It’s a typical will you marry me ring.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Love

14k white gold Channel vintage setting with decorative detail on the side of the shank of the ring. This ring as well as its former are both elegant choices for a classic classy women.

Love is a Luxury

14k White gold Cathedral setting that looks like a three diamond forever ring. With a split pave’ shank. This ring is considered a cathedral ring putting all the focus on the diamond. This is a beautiful ring to flaunt on your finger.


14K white gold channel setting diamond ring. This detail that has gone into this ring is exquisite. This ring looks great on any finger. It is simple elegant and graceful.


14k white and yellow gold pave’ setting ring. This ring is outstanding. The contrast of color gives it a delicate stunning look.

A diamond ring is a confession of undevoted endless love, which is why we wanted to make the choice easier for you. Every women deserves the ring of her dreams regardless of the price, which is why Eravos rings are affordable designer diamond rings made with love for all. You can depend on the color, cut, clarity, and carat of all the diamond jewelry we provide. The engagement rings showcased in this article are diamond rings you build. We do offer ready to select rings that are as amazing as the ones that are built. Sometimes you don’t exactly know what you are looking for. Browse through are collection of diamond engagement rings and you might find exactly what you are looking for.

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