Eravos Designer Rings for Every Occasion

Its Saturday night and you’re getting ready to go out for a night of fun. You look great; hair done, make-up fixed, outfit on, but wait there’s one thing missing. What could it be?

Eravos offers designer custom one of a kind diamond jewelry that fits every occasion. Going out, staying in, or just relaxing with friends our diamond jewelry is perfect for anything. From simple slim pieces to wide colored pieces.

Our Memory Lane ring looks great for an evening out; date night, clubbing, or just dinner with a friend. This ring looks great with any outfit. It is a simple diamond band with 1.44 carats. Its sleek look goes with anything you own. You can wear it alone or mix and match with similar rings of its style and create a stackable look.

You can also, pair it with our Glittering Vines piece. When you see this fine diamond work of art you think its to much at first, but try it on and you will never want to take it off. It gives you a great look especially if you are wearing your hair up.

Similarly, you can add the Fountain of Love necklace completing your look! This necklace has the gold weight of 8.2g with 2.66 carats of diamonds. It is light and flirty giving your neck a beautiful allure.

Now, if you were invited to a business party or a fancy ball, you would not be so dressed down. You would be wearing a cocktail dress. Something that makes you feel like the queen you are. For this type of occasion depending on what you are wearing you could go a couple of ways.

Our merging waves ring would bring elegance and grace to your look. You wouldn’t have to wear anything else on your hand. This ring holds all three types of gold; yellow, white, and rose.

You can also try our mingling dreams ring. This ring is made of white gold with 1.01 diamond carats. The way this ring is designed gives the look of multiple rings entwined in one another. This ring is the epitome of refinement.

You can pair this ring with our wandering star necklace, for a more dazzling look. This necklace is simple yet stylish taking your look to another level. With a gold weight of 4.4g and 0.84carats this necklace does not disappoint.

Here is a complete look you can try with a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a ring.

The Golden Empress necklace has a simple chain that fits perfectly around your neck and a pendant that has a cluster of diamonds creating a mesmerizing sparkle. You can pair it with our Smooth Love Song earring that match perfectly.

Complete your look with the Stellar Orbis ring and Solaria bracelet. The ring is a cluster ring in a circle shape with small diamonds covering its surface. The bracelet on the other hand is a diamond bracelet made up of small round circles that are connected. The whole bracelet is covered in diamonds giving you a divine queen look.

We’ve been talking about going out for casual and formal events, but what about daily wear. Like when you go to the gym or to work. A piece of jewelry so comfortable and relaxing that you forget you are wearing it. It doesn’t bother you on your morning run or when you are typing up that report at work.

Our Mini Palmera necklace is so light and flirty that you’ll forget you even have it on. With a gold weight of 0.90g and a 0.18 diamond carat you can rock a stylish look without any effort. We offer different variations of this necklace depending on your fashion sense.


Eravos Silver Dreams earring are a great everyday pair of earring to wear as well. They are a new take on stud earring, mixing both modern and contemporary these studs will make heads turn.

You can also, wear our Blooming Roses earrings which are floral diamond earrings. They are flower shaped with diamonds all around. You will look stunning, and it will still seem like you put little effort to attain this look.

Even with this many pieces of jewelry you can still obtain the casual look because of the size and shape of these pieces.

All these rings and more can be found on our website. Explore our different sections of cluster, cocktail, wedding, fusion, and engagement rings. As well as our different necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.



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