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Eravos is a diamond retailer that provides some of the highest quality diamonds on the market. Although Eravos is a young company there is nothing immature about our products. The diamonds that we provide are all of SI quality. They are clear and of high excellence. The diamond cutters have taken their time on each piece to make sure that it was cut with the utmost accuracy and precision. Here are a couple of our best sellers that people can’t get enough of.

Top Pick for Engagement Rings:


A 14k rose gold three stone pave diamond engagement ring that would look stunning on anyone’s finger. This ring has approximately 0.46 carats with a gold weight of 2.8grams. The wonderland ring is an amazing choice when considering popping the question. Its rose gold color gives it a modern change from the classical white gold or silver. The three diamonds it holds represent the present past and future which is why this type of ring is called the forever ring.
What says I want to be with you forever, more than the Wonderland forever ring!
Our next pick is the Halo Wedding band ring.


A 14k Yellow Gold eternity band that screams elegance and grace. This ring has approximately 0.5 carats with a gold weight of 1.85 and a price tag of $1,095. The contrast of the yellow gold with the white diamonds makes this ring sparkle and pop even more. This is a great band to present your significant other at the altar. Who could say no to this ring!
Our next choice is a fine pair of earrings called Silver Dreams:

Silver Dreams:

 A modern take on stud diamonds. There is nothing typical about this 14k White Gold pair of earrings. These earrings are worth $1,545 with a gold weight of 3.7grams. This piece has gotten so much recognition across the web, with our brand ambassador Zuleyka Rivera, as well as among different bloggers online. This piece of jewelry goes great with anything. You can wear it with a dress or jeans and a t-shirt. Silver Dreams is an everlasting piece of jewelry that goes well with every occasion!
Our next item is from our Bracelets Collection.


Viola Stella:


This is an exquisite 14K White Gold Tennis Bracelet with purple color diamonds and a gold weight of 11.770grams. What’s great about this piece of jewelry is that is elegant and chic, but at the same time modern and fashionable. It can be worn as a day to day piece of jewelry or kept aside for special occasions. Spending $2,835 is worth the investment on this fine crafted diamond bracelet.
Last but not least, our Glowing Field item from our necklace collection.


Glowing Fields:


This is a 14K White Gold diamond necklace with a gold weight of 2.34grams. This beautiful necklaces costs $1,185. Glowing Field is a circle pendant necklace with a flower arrangement in the middle. The detail and work of this piece is amazing. Like most of our pieces this item can be worn day to day or for special occasions.

These are just a couple of pieces from our wide variety of diamond jewelry selections. You can view more of our diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces by exploring our website. Find the perfect piece of sparkle and shine that fits your taste and personality.

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  1. These are some excellent collection of diamond studded jewelry by Eravos. I must say at these price, these are some really must have collection of wearable jewellery. Thanks for sharing.

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