How to Organize a Perfect Wedding Proposal and Sweep Her off Her Feet

If you do a little research on the best proposals in history, you’ll realize an important thing – it’s not about the dreamy location, the luxurious ring, or the perfect photo as much as it is about adding a pivotal chapter to your story. A meaningful culmination. A pinnacle of everything you are and will be.

In other words, your wedding proposal doesn’t have to make romantics sigh.

The only thing it has to do is crown your love.

Here’s how to organize a wedding proposal that may not be out-of-this-world to others but perfect to you.

1. Buy a Ring

Oh, the eternal dilemma. Every gentleman knows how hard it is to pick a perfect engagement ring, so let’s solve it once and for all. Like the proposal itself, the ring should be only as glamorous as your lady’s personal style is. While some women enjoy glitz and glam, others actually prefer simpler things.

Besides, value and elegance have nothing to do with how big the rock is.

Then, there’s the question of style. Would she prefer something scattered with sentiment instead of diamond dust, or would she love to feel like a dazzling queen? Is she complicated and proud, or unpretentious and sweet? Are her ways classy and dignified, or did she steal your heart with her zeal?

Let’s be honest, who could tell what women really want?

If you’re having a hard time finding a ring that matches her personality, here are some tricks for you to try out. Dig into her jewelry box to get some sense of her style. Call up her best friend to confirm that you’ve figured it out. Check her Pinterest boards; chances are, she’s already pinned her ring.

2. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

The only thing that can ruin a perfect wedding proposal is her knowing about your plans all along. It’s probably for the best to keep things under the radar and involve as few people as necessary. Just to stay on the safe side, keep your accomplices off the booze in her presence, and stop gabbing about it.

That way, you’ll only have yourself to worry about.

Needless to say, you’ll keep all the arrangements private. Inform vendors and suppliers to contact you in person. Pay attention to receipts and entrust someone reliable with the ring. The bigger the organization is, the more careful you’ll have to be with covering traces and keeping it a perfect secret.

Most importantly, do your best to stay calm. When it comes to their men, women have strong radars for unusual behavior. Even the smallest smile can give you up, so make sure to stay composed. It’s a lot of happiness and excitement to swallow, I know, but I promise you that it will all pay off in the end.

3. Come Up with a Creative Way to Ask

Sometimes, a traditional will you marry me is just the right amount of perfect. But consider this – there’s only a couple of pivotal moments in your life. A wedding proposal is definitely one of them.

If you’re lucky, you’ll only get to pop the question once, so why play it safe and simple?

Why not blow her mind?

When and where you ask her to be yours for the rest of your lives doesn’t matter as much as how you ask her. Because that’s the real proposal, after all, you better make it count. Make it memorable and novel worthy. Dive deep into your heart and say every stupid cliché, if that’s how she makes you feel.

There’s no need to copy-paste generic avowals from the internet. Everything that needs to be said is already in you, as a synopsis of your own love story. Just find some personal detail that makes you who you are as a couple. It’ll give you the perfect narrative that will make her laugh and cry.

4. Practice Your Proposal

Even if you’re certain she’ll say yes, make no mistakes – the entire shebang will turn you into a living ticking time bomb. The only way to deal with your anxiety is to practice until everything’s perfect. And when it finally is, stop. Don’t start overthinking it, because it will only make you sloppy and flustered.

And before you know it, she’ll see right through that.

5. Pick a Meaningful Location

There are a couple of ways to solve the perfect location problem. The solution is once again hidden in the plain sight. You can choose something from your past – the place where you’ve met, kissed for the first time, or had the best evening out. It’s an exciting memory lane that you’ll be revisiting forever.

Alternatively, you can take her somewhere both of you have always dreamed of going to. This is your typical Paris proposal scenario. Although, it can still sweep her off her feet even if you plan it on a nearby lake or a less sophisticated spot. The entire point is for both of you to feel snug and in love.

If you’re the kind of couple that doesn’t care about anything that’s happening outside of your window, light some candles and pop the question in your living room. Remember, the only important actors in this story are you two, which makes wherever you are a meaningful location for making it all official.

6. Keep the Element of Surprise

As a woman myself, I have only one more piece of advice to give to you. Whatever you do, find a way to tell her to do her hair without jeopardizing months and months of planning.If she’s the right person for you, she will absolutely love whatever you surprise her with. But trust me, she’ll hate her reckless locks.

Honestly speaking, it’s one of the only things that can ruin the night for her.

Do a little research on the best proposals in history. Chances are your engagement story will outdo them all. It’s quite simple really. A wedding proposal is nothing if not a perfect end of a perfect chapter. The thing that makes it so perfect is that you’re still excited to start the next one.

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