Who said diamonds were only for special occasions?

 When we say diamonds, we automatically think about events, special parties, and galas. Truth is, diamonds are a piece of fine jewelry so versatile, that we can easily include them in our daily outfits. We only need to take into consideration the design and style we want to show.

At Eravos, we believe a woman should use jewelry that will highlight her personality, style and elegance in every occasion.  May it be for an event, to a night out or for daily use, a piece of diamond jewelry is the most versatile and elegant accessory you can choose.

Benefits of including diamonds to your daily style

If you are still not convinced of including diamonds to your everyday style, and you think they are only meant for special events, we have 3 benefits that will help you change your mind:

  1. Quality that will last forever – A fine and high-quality diamond has the necessary characteristics to last forever. This is what makes them an investment you will be taking advantage of for the rest of your life.
  2. Designs made to fit your lifestyle – One of the most important details when you choose a diamond for everyday use is choosing a classic and versatile design that will complement your daily outfits. May it be for work, a business meeting, lunch with friends or any other daily activity you go to, make sure the design you choose is one that can easily adapt to any style.
  3. Style and elegance – Even if it’s a delicate or simple design, diamond jewelry will always attract positive attention to your style. Diamonds are synonym to elegance and good taste. Adding them to your daily style will give that additional touch to your image.

You want diamond jewelry you can use daily but don’t know which one to choose?

Don’t worry! At Eravos, we are happy to help you choose the diamond jewelry that will easily complement your lifestyle. With more than 800 jewelry pieces in our inventory, we have designs made to fit every taste and style. Among them, we have designs you can use every day.

One of the accessories that women can’t leave behind are earrings. Two designs perfect for everyday use that we have at Eravos are Wandering Star and Love Knot.

Wandering_Star_Earings                                                                                                      Love_Knot_Earings

Our designs Time Keeper and Equinox are perfect examples of diamond jewelry that can be added to your daily style. A beautiful necklace will enhance your taste and personality anywhere you go!

Time_Keeper_Necklace                                                                                                                           Equinox_Necklace

Beautiful bracelets like Kia and Infinity Perla will be amazing accents to your style. Delicate, versatile and extremely elegant, they will be the perfect touch to your daily outfit.

Kia_Bracelet                                                                                                     Infinity_Perla_Bracelet

Add a ring to your style and you will definitely feel like the queen you are. A diamond ring is not exclusive for engagements or weddings. We can also enjoy them in any occasion. These exquisite designs, Mingling Dreams and Treasure Trove, are perfect examples for everyday use.

Mingling_Dreams_Rings                                                                                                               Treasure_Trove_Rings

These diamond jewelry pieces are part of the extensive variety we have for you at Eravos. With an inventory of more than 800 jewelry pieces, styles and designs to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect diamonds to use every day.

You are a beautiful, elegant and amazing woman, with an incredible personality. Diamonds will enhance the greatness in you!

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